What to expect

Communication: when you call, email or live chat with us, you get a real person that is your "person" for your entire project from start to finish. As a result your details and spectacular service stay consistent. We can assure you that your person will be awesome.

Suppliers: our team of trusted suppliers have solid reputations for quality and service, along with innovative promotional products. We're in this together Canada from production, to decoration and delivery.

Products: We showcase all products on our website with prices so you can access easily. We'll provide you with a full detailed quote very quickly and you can order directly from that quote or ask us live questions. Cool heh? We think so too.

Office: Our business is completely mobile and virtual so we can operate it from any where. (We're family run, so at times that could literally mean - anywhere). Communicate in the way that works for you; call, email, live chat, text or lets have a virtual meeting.

Stay tuned: due to Covid-19 we are exploring more new ways to communicate, deliver and help your with your branding needs at this most difficult time. You can count on us a solid team member with a great attitude when every you need us.

We're ready to help you with your branding when you need us. Stay safe Canada!


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