Thanks again for checking out our website. If you’ve found your way here, you probably have a particular goal in mind. So do we! Our services are designed to provide our clients with all of the tools and services they need to make their project successful.

Not only do we offer a huge selection of promotional products and branded apparel with our team of Canadian suppliers. But, we also provide all of the important decorating services that go with selecting those products.  Some methods of decorating have minimum quantities and some are more flexible options for smaller projects. Just ask us and we'll point you in the right direction.


Ask us about the following services:

  • Promotional products (branded items, logo'd merchandise, swag - call it what ever you want, we'll still know what you need).
  • Screen printed apparel (t-shirts, hoody's, team wear, crew gifts)
  • Embroidery services (apparel, caps, golf gear, uniforms)
  • Heat Press decoration (t-shirts, masks, hoody's, very flexible option to smaller creative projects)
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